How Austin Killed Ridesharing
Skylar Buffington

You can call it ride sharing, but it is far from that. Ride sharing to me is that while I am driving to work, I pick up someone who happens to be going in the same general idea. Lyft and Uber are transportation for hire, otherwise known as taxicab. Be glad the Austin City Council did not require meters, lights and signage to be installed. Surely, it is not too much of a burden to get the drivers licensed. Houston has even stricter rules, and Uber does not seem to have a problem with it.

My plumber has to be licensed. My electrician has to be licensed. Even my barber has to be licensed. Taxicab drivers have had to be licensed for close to a hundred years, and just because you drive for hire for a cab company masquerading as “ride sharing” company does not exempt you from having to be licensed and meeting minimum vehicle standards.

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