Tony Fernandez
May 22, 2018 · 2 min read

Why I joined the

Being perfectly honest, it was, for the most part a decision that made itself.

Like anyone who is weighing up a job offer, I have my criteria for selecting a new role. I believe that most of us operate under the same headings when we have been made an offer, we just prioritise them differently.

The Team

I have always made employment decisions with a heavy leaning on who is on the team, who am going to be working with? What have they achieved? What can they teach me?

I am delighted to say that I have been surrounded by experience, passion and hunger since joining . We all bring different skills to the table and we are now working together to create a cohesive, forward thinking and successful unit that can take this company to where we feel it belongs; at the forefront of all things entrepreneurial.

The Product

The Ecosystem is our flagship product. To put it simply, I wish I had the Ecosystem three years ago when I set my own businesses up. The Ecosystem will give entrepreneurs and founders structure, a sense of support, useful reporting and most importantly; access to trusted and vetted service providers, mentors and investors. I struggled to find all of these, specifically web development partners so I firmly believe that this will be a game changer to many founders who are starting their entrepreneurial journey.

We have some work to complete on the product development roadmap and once all the features are live I believe that the Ecosystem will become the cornerstone of the global entrepreneurial community

The Goal.

So the team is brilliant, the product is class and has massive potential, but what about our goals? We want to be a disruptive yet responsible force within the startup community. began as an incubator. Th Ecosystem was developed as a way for us to better manage our portfolio and also make it easier for founders to access advice, investment and a network of trusted service suppliers. The Ecosystem was a proprietary software that we have realised has significant commercial application and value.

The Ecosystem can be instrumental in supporting the teaching of entrepreneurism in colleges and schools

The Ecosystem can be an invaluable tool for accelerators and incubators across the globe and allow them to progress their client portfolio through the startup lifecycle quicker.

The Ecosystem can help to add structure and delivery within the not for profit sector

The applications of the Ecosystem are plentiful. The Team in place are inspiring and the goal is unified and empowering.

So lets get this show on the road!

If you have any queries about The Ecosytem or would like to schedule a demo, then please contact me directly;