A How To List of Gaming Credibility

Today, Millennial’s are finding it harder and harder to make a set living. The job market is slowly diminishing, and the Millennials are unable to find solace. Their skills sets are different than the older generation, being more free thinkers than hard workers, and a lot of Millennials like to play video games. Then, an idea struck and someone found out that they can make money off of playing video games. Thus, E-sports was born. Some are asking, how does one join the E-sports community? Well Scott Bednarski, author of the article How To Make Money In Professional Gaming, teaches you eight steps on how to make it big while playing video games. The first four steps are; Intro, Professional Gamer, Streaming, and E-sports commentator. The specific article I chose was about how to start making your name big as a professional gamer. Bednarski offers tips and tricks on how to make it big, while also reassuring the reader that while not everyone makes it to the big leagues, it is very possible.


The reason I chose this article was because I wanted to know the Credibility of the author. The website, is actually a startup website in the sense that you’d sign up and they would give you step by step instructions on how to start streaming live and making money of off streaming. The purpose of the article, in line with my thesis, is to try and learn how to make enough money off of pro-gaming, or even streaming.

Upon further inspection of the website, I notice that the ads that they want streamers to use in order to promote their program, have been used by some of the pro players that I specifically watch. So that added some serious status of credibility. My criteria for credibility is less of is it real and more of, has someone been able to do it with this information. The website, has a bigger platform in that it wants the user of the website to sign up and make an account so that they can start streaming and become an online Gamer. The author, Bednarski, is actually the Public Relations Guy for the website, and writes the articles in a spree of showing readers what to expect and how to handle situations and challenges.

Bednarski does really well in showing credibility for their writing and I believe that the article is very trustworthy in credibility.

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