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Although a hopeless movie fan, Casablanca was never one of my favourite films but about year ago I caught it on tv. Watched again after a period of over 40 years I completely altered my opinion of the film. The thing I noticed most was the incredibly strong acting performances of all the main characters but especially so of Bogart. Yes he plays the rough selfish cynic well but in the more emotional scenes he shows the depth of the real person and the pain of the love that he feels. I was surprised since I never thought Bogie capable of bringing a tear to MY cynical eye. All of the characters created in the movie are complicated, neither all good nor all bad and I think that’s what resonates with people. Maybe the overall themes can seem corney now having been so often parodied over the years, but I think most people still recognise the pain of great love lost or of sacrifices made for others, and it’s because of this that the film will rightly always be regarded as a ‘classic’.

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