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I have a coupe of comments to add:

Globalisation: it’s true that there are still too many countries where same-sex relations are illegal but just as worrying is the fact that the rights that LGBT people have managed to gain over the last four decades are now under attack in many countries (notably USA), and this danger will increase if far-right parties come to power in Europe (as has happened in Poland & Hungary). The UN recently fined Russia for discriminatory practices; more pressure needs to be put on the UN to take actions against countries who legislate against LGBTs.

Sport: in the majority of sports there are no openly gay (soccer, tennis — surprisingly — are notable in this respect). Whilst I am totally opposed to anyone being ‘outed’, as happened on occasions in 1970s, we should extend more effort in appealing to those sportsman who are gay to openly admit it, after all the majority of them make so much money from sport nowadays it wont affect them much. (I feel the same about Hollywood actors, they make fortunes in their business and espouse their liberal credentials).

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