Out of the frying pan, into the fire

We work with people changing jobs every day. Sometimes people are clear on where they want to head, other times, not so much.

It’s amazing how frequently we see people fall out of the frying pan and into the fire. What does that mean? It usually means that people move from one role to another where there isn’t much change. A couple ofrecent examples include:

· Wanting a mid-tier firm or larger for the exposure to more complex clients and accepting a role with a firm smaller than where they were with simple SMEs

· Considering a Director role with another similar sized firm, with a similar culture, and similar time-frame to Partnership

Now, there are a number of factors that could influence these decisions. The decision to change jobs is massive and affects everything we do. We put a lot of thought into where we bank and who we fund our homes and lives through; do we put as much consideration into our jobs?

Change for the sake of change is rarely good for your career. All the stability and goodwill you have built through those years of tenure cease to exist once you leave. This also means that if the next role doesn’t work out, it can look unstable on your CV.

I’m not saying don’t move jobs — it’s about making the right move. A candidate that I placed when I first started, nearly 8 years ago, is still with that firm. The role, culture, and firm fit like a glove and from all accounts, she’s going well.

How do you make the right move?

1. Question why — ask yourself why you’re looking to leave and why you’re unhappy. Do some navel gazing.

2. Know where you’re going — have a clear idea where you would like to head and seek guidance on this (and how achievable it is)

3. Put the pieces in place — work on a career plan that will help you visualise the steps that need to be made to get where you’re wanting to go

4. Target your prospects — seek out the sort of companies and firms that you would like to work with, know why you want to be there, and make a targeted approach

5. Interview them — interviews are a two-way street. Question them about their culture, client files, dreams and aspirations, and anything else that important to you

6. Weigh it up all — bring it back to your why and where you’re going

7. Ask for guidance — if you need a 3rd party perspective

8. Take the plunge!

It sounds pretty daunting, right? There’s so much on the line.

Working through the above steps with people like you is what we do. If you’re keen to find a firm that will keep you happy for another 7 years, contact one of the team at Grow.

Good luck with that new awesome role!