What Is The Difference Between a HOBO, TOTE, and SATCHEL?


What is a satchel bag?

What is a hobo bag?

What is a tote bag?

What are they used for?

Satchel bags are definitely the most versatile bag I ever own. They are perfect for both working men and women. They hit the sweet spot between being an everyday handbag and a laptop bag; this means you no longer need to carry two bags to work. It can perfectly fit all the basics you need to survive the day, plus your gadgets too.

via Amazon.com
via Amazon.com
  • While you are touring the city during the day (it’s wide, loose shape is just amazing, it gives you plenty of room to stash all of your belongings).
  • For a day of shopping (the body is expandable, so you can just stuff it with your shopping goods).
  • You can turn it into a formal bag for a romantic dinner at the end of the day.

Final Thought

Tote vs satchel vs hobo, which one do you think will suit you best? Now that you know the uses of each bag, I know you will be able to make a good choice and find the one worth investing in.



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