A Freeing Meditation

We are set free in Jesus to unabashedly embrace God’s unconditional love, and to let Him lead us progressively into the glorious freedom of the Children of God. We are blessed to be liberated from ensnaring lies and harmful things and ways…

Sin is just the opposite of what we truly desire and what is truly good for us. So, in the analogy of a mirror, sin immediately reflects a reverse image of the light, by presenting itself as that which is desirable and needful.

But the further you “walk” into the mirror, the further it moves away from the light, and the more it becomes the opposite of what it presented at the outset, leaving us increasingly unfulfilled, and miserable.

Let us stop focusing upon the opposite image, and on our own flaws and failings, as well as on our own “self made” beauty. And let us stop focusing on the opposite of God’s loving will for us, along with our own efforts to try to escape the mirror.

Rather, let us focus on the Source of the Light, and thus rest our heart’s gaze upon the Person of God, in His grace and love. And let us wholeheartedly embrace our perfect God amid His intimate relationship with us by Jesus’ death and resurrection, and by His Spirit of Love within us.

Let us turn off the false light of self-focus, in all its legalism and obsession with self and sin (one way and the other), and let us simply follow Jesus’ Spirit as He guides us out of our self entombing, three walls and a mirror.

Let us walk outside the box of what the flesh can comprehend, into God’s unfathomable love for us… that brings blessing to ourselves and others, instead of harm.

In His loving grace, we have the provision of the will and doing of God’s GOOD pleasure, by the Spirit of God in us, according to the promise of the Gospel.

So let us let Him lead us into the glorious freedom of the children of God.