Love as Reality, and as a Gift

[From Mere “Knowledge” and Law, to Love]

To choose “knowledge” in opposition to pre-existent Light, Love, and Freedom, is inherently self-contradictory, and is effectively to choose separation from these, which equals the opposite by way of outcome. 😐

Of course, the delusion of self as it’s own god is at the heart of such a choice, with the erroneous thinking that there is a way to be self-sufficient apart from our Source.

Amid such self-exaltation, we as a race therefore required (demanded) independence from God, and also chose to be separate from Him, severing the continuous branch-in-vine flow of God’s nature of love within the heart of humans.

That loving nature would have provided inward-to-outward freedom from any need for law, in the essence of simply being, as vessels of God’s love.

But instead, we humans chose to break that branch-in-vine connection, and brought about effectual and inevitable death, along with inward-to-outward corruption.

A cut flower may look alive, and a cut bud may even bloom in water, but is still effectively dead, being separated from its roots.

So then, we brought external legislation into effect, causing and requiring the simple freedom of a loving nature (which was ours by union with God as love) to be replaced with being under law.

By this default to laws, the human race began attempting to use their sinfully acquired knowledge of good and evil (like necessary elements in a formula), in an attempt to ‘’manufacturer/legislate’’ self-righteousness, instead of genuine love.

Therefore, ultimately the human race has failingly attempted to self-sustain righteousness in it’s essence; and as such, they cannot but fail to sustain even life itself.

Not only is it impossible for corruption to produce genuinely incorrupt expressions, but the economy of legalistic self-righteousness cannot produce the ability to receive or give unconditional love, which is the essence of true righteousness, true love, and true life.

The moment that a person is “earning” love, making someone else earn love, forcing someone to love them, forcing their love on someone, or is being forced to love someone; such is not love at all, but is a matter of legalistic selfishness.

God does not love us for any reason other than His own will to do so. And because, simply, HE IS LOVE. He doesn’t force His love upon us, or force us to love Him.

He does however, allow the freedom to reject His love. And of course, since His love and His decrees are united in His benevolent motive, the choice to reject His love is the choice to experience the opposite of all His love desires to give us.

This life (in all it’s contrast between beauty and decay, pleasure and agony, life and death…) is God’s gracious object lesson and clarification/warning to prove what rejection of His love really means, and that to which it will ultimately lead.

God’s love, therefore, must ultimately allow people to choose to be separated from His desire to bless and protect, even though such is to choose the opposite of all that is good…

In this way then, we can perceive that God’s love and His judgement are not inconsistent…

And lest anyone should reason that people could simply reject the validity of God’s universal, objective law (which became the world’s ultimate judicial default by our own, not God’s choice), and thus find any actual freedom apart from God:

Or that we could just rebel against that law in order to avoid being judged according to God’s law…

I state the following:

Since God did (despite lies to the contrary) create all things that exist, both spiritual and physical, nothing exists outside of His creation. Therefore to deny God’s law is to deny reality.

So no one can find a “freedom” that “exists” outside the entire realm of creation — including all of the spiritual realm. Nothing exists outside the entire realm of God’s creation but God Himself.

Furthermore, to rebel against God’s law in order to find freedom is futile, since rebellion against God’s law is rebellion against the universally beneficial truths upon which that law is founded (love does no harm to self or others).

So the motive, the premise, and the method of such an oppositional equation would be self-contradictory, since God is the Truth and is Love. Any “solution” or “freedom” without the essential integration of definitive truth and love, is not truly freedom at all.

Thus, such rebellion (called sin and defined as missing the mark, or missing the point of life) is by nature self-enslaving and self-destructive.

Sin is the necessary principle of Antithesis which is essential for provision of the opportunity to receive and give love.

It is also for the clarification of what love truly is and what it is not… And it is for the distinguishing both individually and corporately, in both the spiritual and the physical realm, between two definitively distinct type of free-will Choosers:

Those who are willing to be loved and to become loving (by the merit, power and gracious choice of God);

And of those who are not willing to receive His gift of love, on the only basis by which love can be received — as a gift by faith.

The only things we ultimately, really want as His Beloved Creations, are the things which He lovingly wills for us…

We who put our faith in Jesus, now increasingly want what God wants for us, having tasted our own will, and honestly said yuck to selfishness, and yes to the actual freedom, and lavish graciousness of God’s Love — for, in, and through us….

So, regarding rebellion as a means of attempting to gain freedom; in reality, sin simply results in a backwards slavery to law, because rebellion cannot exist without a law against which to rebel… So, to rebel against God’s law is to actually acknowledge the reality and the existence of that law.

Both legalism and licentiousness are each the other side of self-centeredness, from which Jesus came to set us free.

Rebellion against the laws of nature, e.g. the law of gravity, is a ridiculously self-contradictory endeavor.

Even the power of flight is not the result of rebellion against the laws of nature, but rather the benefit of submitting to and working within the relevant and applicable natural laws…

There is Only one True way for the law to be satisfied, and replaced. But it is not by pretending that law doesn’t exist, rebelling against that law, or trying to be perfect as a person whose nature is now corrupted through the original sin of the human race.

[And in case anyone wants to argue with the truth that human nature is now corrupt, I simply quote two universal axioms: “Nobody’s perfect!”, and, “Everybody dies”, which are both the results and proof of existing corruption.]

So there is only One True provision that can replace the law legitimately. The Only way to be free from the demands and results that God’s law indicates, is by faith in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross as a substitutionary satisfaction of all that the law decrees, and who rose again to eternal glory — imputing His own righteousness to all who trust in Him.

There is no way to pretend or fabricate your way out of the situation by trying to come up with any other solution.

Nobody argues about the law of gravity, and yet when it comes to spiritual things we pretend that whatever we want to be true is so.

Such is inconsistent, and if we are honest and humble (though pride hates that word), we can be led toward wise accordance with the acknowledgment of reality, as it relates to universal spiritual truth in addition to universal physical truths.

The truth is that I’m not an intolerant jerk if, amid a fire in highrise apartment building, I’m trying to convince people who are either denying the situation or attempting to defy gravity by window-jumping, that toxic smoke, searing flames, and a fall from 20 stories are not good for them.

Nor am I being narrow minded if I also clarify that that we are being led out of the building in the only way that is now safe, by a fireman (who having been an architect before becoming a firefighter, actually designed the building — wild as that may seem)…

Sure, people can “come up with their own way”, or believe another, perhaps very sincere but confused advisor, as to how to safely exit the inferno. But I’m not slamming anyone else, if I strongly urge people to follow the Firefighting Architect who designed this building.

But what neither the Firefighter nor myself will do, (though many have historically tried to do so in the “Firefighter’s” name — much against His clear instruction), is to punch out the one who resists, and carry them against their will out of the building.

No indeed. Love dictates that the choice is yours… But don’t say it was unloving to allow you to die from smoke inhalation and/or flames, if you either ignore the warning, or follow a false means of escape.

So, to return from the analogy to the initial point:

Pride, or rather arrogance,

which leads to separation from the source and essence of God’s Heart of Love, along with the attempt to reduce and falsely replicate love by the inconsistent means of its antithesis… has caused the human race to seriously miss the point — miss the mark — to sin.

Love cannot be manufactured by law, because law calls upon self-based motivation; i.e. what I can do (pride); or what I selfishly fear by way of punishment if I fail..

Separation from God equals the experience of the opposite of what God lovingly wants for us; which amounts to the opposite of the glorious eternal life He lovingly intended for humans…

This self-chosen separation, by simple cause and effect, led inevitably to the race growing corrupt unto death. And that death will (for those who refuse to humbly receive Love’s remedy) eventuate in an eternal state of separation — which according to physics and spiritual reality = fire…

If God LOVINGLY AND JUSTLY grants to any human what they effectively demand-that He let go of them, then their very state of being will fly apart into a state of fire, which for humans as ultimately eternal beings, is in the eternal Lake of Fire.

But that is the individual’s choice, not God’s. He is simply loving and just enough to ultimately allow anyone to choose that from which they will not be dissuaded.

Thus they will receive what they choose, against all warnings and indicating object lessons, just as Genuine Love must allow them to choose…

So they will forever experience the antithetically opposite reality of what they would have had if they had received the gift of eternal pleasures provided in and by the Presence of Genuine Love…

And the antithetical misery chosen by the one who rejects God’s Agape Love, will be experienced to whatever extent that person chose (as proven by accordant acts of sin) to be separated from the presence and nature of the Person Who Is Love — God.




So now,

anyone who will stop believing in their “own righteousness”, and put their faith in Jesus (who is the expression of God’s Love), will be forgiven of every sin against Love, and will simply have the eternal Love of God which they have chosen to receive by faith in His Son, Jesus.

God’s love, of course, can only be received the only way that True Love can be accepted , as a gift, by Grace through faith — in Jesus Christ The Lord.

This gift of the Love of God,

comes not only with forgiveness from sin (in an eternal pardon from all sin), but it also comes with reconciliation to the Person of Love Himself, Who adopts us, causes us to be born again with the righteous everlasting nature of God, and grants us to be the Bride of Jesus Christ His Son. And this is for ALL who place their faith in Jesus Christ.

Thus, it is not merely the acceptance of forgiveness, it is the acceptance of a Love relationship with God. And it is not merely freedom from the penalty of sin, but progressively from it’s power in our lives, and eventually from sin’s presence when we get new, sinless, eternal bodies…

Because God loves us, He wills for us to be freed from the insanity and the harmfulness which sin is.

Eventually, either through resurrection or through us being alive when Jesus returns for all those who believe in Him, we will all be given new Bodies which are no longer corrupted with sin or dying of any kind…

True righteousness, true life, true freedom, and the promise of eternal life with unimaginable pleasure in the Presence of God, is all about love. And specifically, it is all about the Love of God as a gift by faith in God’s Son, Jesus Christ the Lord.

YHWH (God) loves you. Receive the gift of His love by simple faith in His Son Yeshua Ha-MeshiaH Adoni (Jesus Christ the Lord)