Being human is a meant to be a wonderfully fulfilling experience.

But, denying the Creator and thus contradicting their own image, so many people reject and/or are hostile toward God (or the very idea of a God) in who’s very image they are made?

So many people dogmatically (or by default) refuse the simple light that God loves everyone, and is inviting everyone on earth to be forgiven freely, loved perfectly, and blessed beyond all imagination for all eternity.

In the culmination of His redemptive plan, we will forever enjoy perfect universal unity, amid which there is complete freedom from any need for law.

Oh yea, turns out, we do actually have to be honest. You know, admit reality when we see it, and when we can’t really inwardly deny it.

And then too, we have to receive God fixing everything ultimately speaking… in life and for eternity.

But nobody wants that, cause then we’d all be like blessed children, free and ever growing… And we all know how easy it is to blame God and His Word for every unbiblical act done in His name throughout History.

But clearly, the age for the Church to reign with Christ is, Biblically speaking, yet forthcoming: And so, in this 2,000 plus years since Jesus, we are told in the New Testament NOT to force the Word of God on anyone, especially those who don’t want to be part of God’s Family. That’s between Him and them.

We just give out the invitation, tell the truth as we believe and experience it, and diligently rest in grace, as we let God’s love fill our hearts to overflowing; back to Him, and unto others…That’s the true Church.

The “Western Church” that Sprang from Roman civilization has distorted the Gospel with legalistic hypocrisy, inhumane barbarism, and enslaving abuse in the name of Jesus!!

But just because they’ve twisted up the obvious, clear, contextual meaning of the New Testament, doesn’t mean that the Word of God is corrupt.

Behold the Church in Jerusalem just after the ascension of Christ in the early part of the Book of Acts. It is Historically accurate and verifiable.

Everyone was loving one another, freely sharing all things in common; there was no one in need, and no one rich. But it wasn’t socialism (which is forced), nor was it capitalizing on others, because that selfish approach to community wasn’t necessary in an economy of love.

And those outside the Church did their own thing, though many joined because it was obviously a huge loving family with God as Abba (Father).

But that church gets no press from the world, though there has always been the remnant that transcends and supersedes the worldly church that the world sees and focuses upon.

Ironically, the thing people hate most about the church (now and throughout history) is how worldliness made the “church” NOT like Jesus.

But almost no one seems interested in getting to know Jesus like we know Him, according to His Word. And the reasons people give for why not to investigate Him personally, don’t make any sense to me.

If you look at the Bible and you look at Christianity for most of history, from Constantine through today in Western Culture, you see a divergence that should be considered…

And credit should be given to Jesus and the Spirit though the apostles, for a faith that is pure, the heart of which is all about love.

Jesus taught a message that was called the Good News by the first century church for a very good reason. It is nothing like what most of “Historical Christianity” has manifested.

Only a corrupted form of thinking looks at the obvious misrepresentations, and says that these represent the essence of the teaching that poor examples are refusing to believe and apply. They are bad students, or are corrupt.

But there have always been us imperfect but genuine believers, who admit we don’t “deserve” to be loved, cause love can’t be earned but gifted.

So we thankfully receive God’s love freely, by grace through faith in Jesus, from the God who created us in order to love us. It is He who endowed us with all that we could ever give or do, so that the notion of earning His love is doubly ridiculous.

As His Beloved, we can’t help but love Him too, as His Spirit indwells and fills us — welling up His own love within us, for every tribe and nation…

Thus, we pray for everyone to willingly receive Jesus’ salvation from the ultimate outcome of their own separation from God, especially as this world exponentially continues falling apart.

God made a new spirit/soul in me, cause I no longer put confidence in the person I tried to make myself to be in the past.

So now I’m free to be who He is making me, from the inside out… And I get to ask for talents, and gifts, and things I want God to create in me. I get to participate in the process of graciously being re-created by God amid His perfect love…

The only things He wants to change in me, are things that are harmful and limiting. Reception of His love is conditioned only on the willingness to receive it. And He transforms us because He loves us, not so that He can love us.

So of course, I’m learning to let Him be the Master Artist/Poet etc, and to love me as He surprises me by who He’s making me to be; and how He wills to use me as an eager instrument amid His plans…

Invitation extended. Coming?