I ate a banana

It is true. Yesterday on our family’s return trip from Kansas City, I ate a banana.

If you know me, it’s kind of a big deal. I’d prefer a Nutty Bar.

It got me thinking — as our girls watched McFarland, USA in the back of the van — about resolutions. More specifically, about how I could get better in 2016.

Too often, I have been a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ kind of guy. Most of the time, it’s gotten me in trouble. Not that life was awful, but it could have been better.

Last year, my wife had me write down some goals on the notes section of my phone. I looked back on them a few times and didn’t do terrible. In fact, I’d say 2015 was a pretty productive year.

So, I joined Medium to journal my thoughts for a year — to resolve to journal 300 days in 2016 — and to share my story and the stories I write with you. Some days may be 1,000 words; some days 30.

It’s is, simply, my first resolution.

  1. Journal 300 days in 2016.
  2. I want to gain control of my health. Currently, my scale says 236.2 pounds. My first weight loss goal is to weigh 230 pounds by January 22. (Maybe that date will be the subject of a later journal entry.)
  3. I will eat a piece of fruit daily.
  4. I will take my wife on a date a minimum of once a month in 2016. She deserves it!
  5. I will play a Top-100 public golf course with my brother, Tyler, and he will beat me. Even with the strokes I get. It’s okay.
  6. I will read one book every month. This is a bit forced, but it’s a super idea and I am looking forward to it. (I will journal about this activity as well.)
  7. I will learn about social media and its positive uses MORE (it’s time I understood SnapChat) and post on it LESS (no more random rants on Nebraska football and basketball).
  8. I will continue to track spending monthly with Kerry because it helped us so much in 2015. Shout out to http://everydollar.com. You should most definitely check it out.
  9. I will commit to reviewing and changing my goals often in 2016.

The five rules of resolutions: specific, measurable, must be your goals, must have a time limit, must be in writing.

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment for give a recommend if you think it’s worth it. I look forward to sharing my story in 2016.

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