If You Have a Story Will You Share It?

(Journal entry 33/300)

I love a good story. I am not sure why, it’s just how God made me, I guess.

I’ll cry at silly stuff.

Jimmy Craig swatting away Russian shots at the 1980 Olympics. Jack shooting 30 in April 1986. Any ‘One Shining Moment’ sung by Teddy Pendergrast. Hoosiers. You know that kind of stuff.

There is a story behind it all. A story of sports and life and lessons and all that jazz. How I grew up, I guess.

A little over two years ago, Taylor Siebert and I had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings in Grand Island. We met on Twitter; hiding behind logos for StrivTV and theprephuddle.

We had a dream to share stories. Together. About sports and kids and dreams and all that good stuff. So, away we went. Three months later, March 11, 2014 we launched Striv Sports.

Off we went, in search of one school’s story and then the next and so on. Our first one was this one: Nebraska Basketball’s Greatest Day.

Yesterday, he kept sending me screen shots. “This is crazy,” he’d say. “What’s going? This is awesome!”

I posted a link to the story in a COMMENT in Facebook. The comment go zero likes, one additional comment and that’s it.

But someone clicked on it and shared it. Little did we know for most of the day, people involved in state finals that day were sharing memories online. What a neat thing.

And, for some reason, social media is bad? By 10:00 last night….

I don’t really know what to say other than, that’s kind of neat. So, we have had some fun with that the last few days. In addition to running around and sharing stories on Twitter and Facebook from state wrestling.

We have pushed the envelope a few times since March of 2014. And, for that, we should apologize. Some were scared of Twitter at events, they came around. They were scared of streaming an event, they came around. They were scared of live video at their event, they came around.

We live in an awesome world where these kinds of stories need to be shared and developed. They make better towns; better schools; better kids.

We like to have fun and hustle doing it. I hope you or your school or your event has a unique story to share one day. Maybe, we’ll be lucky enough to share yours.