18-year old genius on his way to disprove Einstein

Could Einstein’s Theory of Relativity be a few mathematical equations away from being disproved? Jacob Barnett from Hamilton thinks so. And, he’s got the solutions to prove it. He has a photographic memory, and an IQ over 170, higher than Einstein’s estimated IQ.

When he was only 2 years old, Jacob was diagnosed with severe autism. Doctors told his parents that Jacob would likely never talk or read and would probably be forever unable to independently manage his daily activities.

But at the age of 15, Jacob has been accepted by the world-renowned Institute of Physics in Canada, where he is currently studying PhD, the youngest student ever in the institute to do so.
Einstein was 26 when he first published his Theory of Relativity. We figure that Jacob has a couple of years to kick back and relax before he finally debunks the big bang theory.

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