5 proven ways to market your website

Digital marketing is common sense. It involves technical terms and confusing jargon, just like other fields, the techniques involved comes from using logic and reason to approach any given strategy. Just like with SEO, digital marketing doesn’t have fast principles, but rather a framework in which to go through.

So how can you develop the killer instinct that will help drive your company’s digital marketing strategy?

Search engine optimization

SEO, the process of increasing website’s visibility in search engine’s organic results by optimizing the website pages with the keyword phrases people are likely to search for. Think about it- when you search for anything in Google, do you go beyond the first couple pages for answers? Probably not, and neither will your customers.

The important ways to improve organic search results are through editing existing content, removing barriers to indexing activities of search engines, and increasing the number of backlinks or inbound links. It’s an important step to get more traffic and grabbing a top spot in search engines for your main keywords.

Blogging and guest blogging


Creating your own videos and posting them to YouTube can help your content get found on YouTube itself. From here, not only does Google index your content, but others can embed your video on their blogs and share it on other social media sites. Going ‘viral’ is desirable, but it’s also important to remember that not every video needs a million views to successfully drive traffic to the website. Focus on a call to action that tells viewers exactly where to go, how to do it, and why to do it once they’ve finished watching the videos.

Pay Per Click

Use PPC Internet advertising to bring traffic to the website from search engines like Google. Here’s how PPC works: you pay a fixed price for every click your ad gets in the search engine, and your final goal of the click is to convert that user in order to see a return on investment. With Google ad words spending is not required, you can set a total for each click. You should mainly focus on conversion so you get the best Return On Investment possible. Select the appropriate keyword phrases and the search engine will help you get the ad in front of the target market, wherever the ad might be looking on the Web.

Facebook ads

Millions of users use Facebook every day and on an average U.S. Facebook user spends 8 hours per month on this site. It’s not only popular with teenagers and college students, but also with the other age groups who are now regular users of the social network. According to the from Nielsen, 68% people are more likely to remember seeing an ad with social context than without. Facebook ads can help you target people from all over the world from different locations. Plus, it’s a profitable way to bring in new traffic, you can set a daily budget, pay per clicks, or pay when people see your ad. Similar to Google ad words you’re piggybacking off of Facebook’s traffic in order to bring those customers to your website.