David Allen Green has suggested that GFA is the major hurdle to Art 50, Mike Butcher.
Kate Hammer

Agreed Kate, I’ve seen similar dismissal of NI, it’s incredible really.

By the way when I mentioned FoM obviously this is one small part of the NI issue. I was thinking in terms of an “angle” to help British people understand the Continental view of FoM, it’s not “mass uncontrolled immigration” for most Europeans its just FoM, the ability to live and work in Belgium or France depending on what suits, or live in one and work in another.

The angle might be “imagine if you had to decide between living and working in Wales, Scotland or England, and imagine if there were border controls in place? This is how the Europeans see free movement. This is how the Irish see free movement. This is why it is so important to them, as it would be to you if someone suddenly put restrictions on you if you worked in Wales and lived in England”.

However, that’s a different issue, I don’t want to trivialize the NI issue. Again, happy to write something on this but would need some expert guidance, its far too sensitive and important for me to just have a stab at and get wrong.

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