Open letter to MPs about the responsibility & limits of Parliament
Kate Hammer

Excellent article

I can suggest 3 possible additions but the post is complete without them.

Early on in intro something like (this needs rewording)
“As a lay person I have listed issues and concerns that I am aware of. 
By definition however this is not a complete list.
Some issues will not yet be in the public realm, others will not become apparent for several weeks.
So little forethought has been given to this outcome that we cannot even be confident of knowing the scope of Brexit”

Something along the lines perhaps of:
“The Scottish were told in the independence referendum by the “Better Together” campaign that Scotland’s place in the EU could only be guaranteed if they stayed in the Union. The good friday agreement also had EU membership at its heart. The referendum result discards these promises and can only be corrosive in terms of trust for Westminster and UK institutions”

(tried to find a reference where Better Together promised this but can’t find one, but I know it was a theme)

National Interest
“The UK’s standing and reputation in the world is central to the National interest as it affects all of our economic, political & security relationships. The lack of any plan or even broad direction is already causing damage to that standing”

But these are just suggestions, the post works brilliantly as it is

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