It’s a truly excellent piece, except for one thing — you gloss over Daniel Hannan & other so-called…
Dirk Singer

Hi, thanks for comments, did you see this?

Thinking of publishing it to #Nodust. Anyway funnily enough was halfway through a draft of “What did Leave really want?” But might pivot it to “What did Hannan want?” — I struggle here between fighting for Norway and fighting for full membership, but I suppose at this point we still have time to point out the foolishness before getting behind the Norway option.

Do you happen to have any good references which show Hannans support for Norway prior to the result? I only have stuff he said afterwards.

Will get further with draft on this and share to see what people think.

Again, thanks for comments, new to blogging (only started 6 weeks ago) but finding it more satisfying than circular arguments with leavers on Twitter….:-)

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