Did you cover Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement being wrapped up in the EU?
Mike Butcher

I hesitate to get into that as I’m not an expert on it (as opposed to being an expert on international trade negotiations 😁). However someone needs to talk about this, there is a real need for clear, non partisan information on exactly what the good Friday agreement was and why it’s under threat.

There’s probably also some value in highlighting free movement in north/south Ireland, people living in one country but commuting to another. As I understand it this is how large parts of the continent operate which is why FoM is so important to them. Perhaps something giving a day to day story of life either side of the border might help people see this the way the Europeans see it.

Anyway happy to collaborate on this but would need someone who can work on supplying the details of the NI mechanics if anyone is out there.

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