Suretly, the first Crowdvouching Platform

Suretly, being the first crowd vouching platform, enables lenders to offer their services to borrowers indirectly. Vouchers are used to guarantee the money taken as a loan. This process of vouching eliminates the common intermediaries who make the process of getting a loan cumbersome.

Crowd vouching comes with the following unique features
- No one on one lending. Crowd-vouching makes it possible for one to borrow money without having to meet the lender to agree on terms and conditions. The customer searches for borrower profile and his credit worthiness, then chooses if to vouch for them or not.

- Saves time. With introduction of Suretly, the lengthy and complicated traditional processes of obtaining a loan became a thing of the past.

- A borrower needs to have his profile updated as a borrower, sign a contract then have the loan disbursed immediately.

- Low risks involved. Investors enjoy the peace of mind since the money lent to borrowers is guaranteed by a common pool of investors. No investor who bears the burden of losing money to a borrower. The burden of losing money is borne by many investors. Suretly is a safe ground for investing with sure monthly returns

- No delayed returns. Once a loan is issued to a borrower, the investor gets his commission as early as the following day. It comes with quick returns on investment which can be re-invested to generate higher returns. 
- Lower credit rates. Crowdvouching involves low risk taking on the side of investors. This is basically because they don’t bear loses that come with customers defaulting payment. They therefore minimize the amount levied as interest on loans issued to borrowers. It’s quite a relief to modern day credit consumers.

- High levels of confidentiality. The borrower’s information doesn’t have to be disclosed in the process of loan credit evaluation. An investor is also not allowed to purse a borrower outside the platform to recover his money in the event of defaulting. 
- High credit rating. Suretly goes further to help those with low creditrating. Such a borrower is issued with a card loaded with little information concerning themselves, which is disclosed to money lending institutions for the purposes of accessing credit facilities. 
- No costs incurred by investors. Apart from being a lending platform, Suretly is the real market place. It’s an avenue which makes all stakeholders to meet and interact it takes up the responsibility of repaying the monies lost through defaulting by borrowers. 
- Minimal default on loan repayment. This product has recorded very low default rates as compared to other similar products offered by financial institutions. The sense of collective responsibility in the platform sparks a sense of responsibility in terms of settling the loans. 
- No costs for investors. Investors don’t provide loans to borrowers. They only act as a poll of guarantors to repay the money in case of a default. In doing this, they are compensated and also receive commission.

This platform has a great potential to scale up. Many investors and creditors joining in will make Suretly the next big thing in the financial world.

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Written by Tony & CryptoBjorn