Cracking the Code on Eggs and the Heart
Joel Kahn

Thanks for the article Dr. Kahn. I tend to disagree about eggs and animal protein. Eating from animals isn’t the problem. The problem is how they are raised and mainly what the animals are eating and being given. I get my meat and eggs from locals farms where I know the farmer, how they raise their animals and what they feed them. Friends and I run local co-ops to purchase from these farms for less than retail value, so we save money on groceries, keep the farmers in business and stay healthy. It’s a win-win-win. :)

“You know we have all these studies showing that two eggs a week causes increase in prostate cancer and red meat causes colon cancer in all of these studies. But you don’t see anybody comparing organic free range eggs against pen fed, chickens. You don’t see the free-range meat. Again, so I would love to see those studies done. Of course, no drug company is going to fund those. And no independent farmer has the money to do that. I don’t think the meat, the eggs, the things are the problem. I think it’s what we do to them. We put a chicken or a cow in a pen or a hog. And we feed them genetically modified corn.” — Dr. Ben Johnson & The Truth About Cancer

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