Bits O’ Wisdom for Healing

Sudden illness, chronic illness, trauma, or grief all benefit from healing. Although I am not a medical professional I write today to share bits of wisdom to help you heal. Before you act, please consult a medical professional.

As colds, flu, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses have our attention this season, Bastyr University[i] of Washington state brings us simple techniques to bring relief. A technique I use to help my body heal from the stuffy head, sinus congestion headache, and irritation is a warm foot soak. Place both feet in warm water, as warm as you can handle (careful not to burn yourself), 20–30 minutes will improve blood flow and increase body-wide circulation. Immediately after the soak, dry feet and wrap in warm socks. Keeping feet warm will promote an overall feeling of comfort.

Other Bits O’ Wisdom to consider while healing from illness, trauma, or grief:

· Be easy with yourself. There is only one you. Do not rush your healing process.

· Understand everything is temporary. Illness, trauma, and grief like every experience in Life are not permanent. Keep moving forward taking baby steps in your recovery and soon you will see success.

· Soothe yourself by understanding you are not the only one that has experienced this illness, trauma, or grief. Look around online or offline for evidence of this fact. You are not the first or the only, you will not be the last.

· Be aware of your emotions toward your experience. Is there someone or something to forgive? Practice forgiveness to bring ease of mind and well-being into your life.

· Stress has been found to cause, trigger, or exacerbate illness, trauma, and grief. Consider healthy measures to manage stress. Resources are found locally and online. No excuses stand against managing stress even while healing.

· Exercise can continue! If you have a routine of exercise, continue the activity as your energy allows.

· Even when isolated, support surrounds you. Think about it, our Creator is omnipotent and omnipresent. Welcome the Creators’ energy into your healing experience and you will not feel alone.

· Be aware of your nutrition. Comfort foods may soothe your emotions, but the effect can rebound leaving you open to more stress and illness. Increase system strengthening minerals; magnesium, zinc, and calcium as your doctor directs.

· Increase non-caffeinated, non-carbonated fluids. Caffeine stimulates, dehydrates and promotes stress. Carbonation erodes kidneys and other internal organs. These are not conducive to a speedy recovery.

· Take time to rest. “Unplug” from social media and take a break from television. The drama permeating these promotes anxiety and stress in the human brain and body. During healing, rest is required.

· Explore sound medicine. Videos of White, Brown or Pink Noise can be found free of charge on YouTube and help you rest while helping destress your nervous system.

Were you inspired by this article? Pass it on to a friend. Through my Fifty years of adversities and victories I am confident of this; wherever my words go, Goodness grows!



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