Power of Your Mother's Love

You were brought into this Life on purpose through a creative energy I call the power of your mother’s Love. Give it some thought after reading what I will share with you today and let me know, in the comments below, your thoughts on the power of your mother’s Love.

I believe every person on this planet is born with a power of choice. When a girl child decides, at any age, she is to be a mother, her power of creativity increases to prepare her for the journey of motherhood. As she allows herself to play house and daydream of being a mom, even in early childhood with her dolls, this increases her creative power of motherhood and her strength and courage she will want to call on during the pleasant teen years of her children.

Before we explore further, allow me to take a step back and clarify another belief. I believe, for those that have (by choice or medical issue or life circumstance) lost a child before giving birth, there is no blame or shame to carry and the creative energy and power of your mother’s love still exists. It may for a while, manifest in different areas of life, but it is still within you. For those having experienced this type of loss, I urge you to be easy with yourself, seek help with self-forgiveness and healing the wounds left behind by a weakened state of low empowerment. You deserve Love and, here, you will always be unconditionally Loved and accepted without judgement.

What is the creative energy and Power of your mother’s Love I write of today and how can we better empower the girls in our lives? I believe the creative energy and power of your mother’s love is an invisible, eternal, force without boundaries originating from that which creates all life. I believe the level, or strength, of the energy and love, depends on the guidance, life experience, and spiritual nourishment the girl is given throughout her life. If she is guided by unconditional Love, experiences respect, and is nourished by the words of her spiritual teachers and mentors I believe she will grow to enjoy her journey of motherhood even the challenges along the way. As we surround our female children, to the best of our ability, with examples and experiences of unconditional love and acceptance we are working together to better empower the girls in our communities around the world.

As I write this another more physical example of the power of your mother’s love comes to mind. Whoever you are, whatever your relationship with the woman that gave birth to you, perhaps you can find a bit of appreciation for her in my words today. There was a moment in time, in your birth mother’s life, when her mind and body came very close to physical death. This was the moment of hard labor and the time of your birth. Whether under her own influence or not, her spirit and body summoned all her creative energy, all of her power, at that time to protect you and provide for your safe passage into this life. Your life to this point may have been easy and pleasant or it may have been hard and full of difficulties, but without the creative energy and power of YOUR mother’s love, you would not have the gift of the ability to reflect upon your life experience.

Whether in person, in writing, on the phone, or in private thought, take time this Mothers Day to appreciate the one giving her creative energy and power to you in that precious moment that led you to where you are right now, allowing you to have the abilities and resources to read my words and the possibilities for and even better future.

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