I have no doubt that you’re working like this, as are many people today.
Andy Parker

I agree that you can’t start a design from an element-level perspective. The way we approach it is to allow total creative freedom at the start of the project for concepting, refine the concepts down and test across a few different ‘key’ pages, but then take a step back and create a component framework, pretty much creating every element from scratch in a new doc, nice and tidy and in as smart a way as possible (styles, symbols, overrides etc.). Then, and only then, are we ready to roll out the full design, refining, extending and tweaking the framework as we go.

If you’re framework is built well enough, the roll out is really pretty easy – you don’t even have to be pixel perfect with everything, as long as the dev team know the intended style, as it’s defined by the master framework.

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