Questions Girls Want to Ask on the First Date (but really shouldn’t say)
Tiffany Sun

not going to be rude or racist, but Tiffany Sun looks asian,.. and if she’s from mainland China then all these questions are legit. :)

The five main questions the local girls here on mainland China demand to know on the first date are as follows:

  1. Do you own an apartment
  2. Do you own a car
  3. What is your income
  4. Why aren't you married already,
  5. and What’s wrong with you ?

100% Legit. they are not shy when asking either!.. and if you don’t answer any of these questions to their satisfaction, forget about any 2nd date, and your still paying for dinner. :) and when you do land one, she will expect to be married within 3 months tops haha. along with “‘I’m giving you the best years of my life etc etc and I want a baby before I’m 26.” because like, they must have a expiry date or something, who knows ! :)

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