Beautiful Fishes In the World

Tony Stark
Jun 26, 2019 · 3 min read
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Who doesn’t love aquatic creatures? People from all over the world visit many different oceans to see marine creatures. One of the most beautiful things to see underwater is fish. About 70% of the earth is covered with water and there are a variety of beautiful fishes and other creatures living under water. Not only are these creatures important to maintain the balance in nature but also contributes to increasing the beauty of the water world. Here we have enlisted some of the popular and beautiful fishes in the world:

X-Ray Tetra — Also known as Golden Pristella, it is a small species of schooling fish that is mainly found in the coastal water of Amazon River. The most special thing about this fish is its transparent body which helps it to fool the predators. The colourful freshwater fish is kept in the artificial aquariums by many people across the world. It is a small fish and lives in large groups. Males in this species are smaller as well as thinner than females. This is the important point to distinguish between the two genders of this species.

Mandarinfish — Mandarinfish is a colorful fish which lives for about 15 years. It is found in Indo-Pacific region and extremely attractive in appearance. They have blue-green colour body with orange lines on the body. Mandarnfish lives in lagoons and coral reefs. They make very fast movements in water and hence are active. But a care should be taken while dealing with these fishes as they are poisonous. These fishes are peaceful in nature and mainly eat small worms as well as ocean isopods.

Clown Fish — Clown fish belongs to Pornacentridae family and thirty species of this fish have been recognised till date. The attractive as well as colorful species are found in coral reefs. These are active and make rapid movements while swimming in water. The body of these fishes have orange colour with three brighter distinctive white bars. The most fascinating thing about this category of fishes is that they are born male but transformed into females on growing.

Blueface Angel Fish — It is so called because it has a deep-blue coloured face and found in Indo-Pacific region. Blueface Angel fish are colourful in appearance and belongs to angelfish family. They are about 14 inches long and have a mixture of light yellow and blue on their body. Because of their peaceful nature and polite behaviour, these fishes are kept in the aquariums by people all over the world. Blueface Angel fish has a lifespan of 10 years and they mainly have foods such as shrimps, marine algae, and squids.

Triggerfish — They have strong and tough teeth which help them to catch as well as eat their preys easily. About 40 species of these fishes are found in the world native to the Eastern Pacific Ocean. The longest fish in this category is about 3.3 m. Triggerfish has blue, green and yellow colors on the body which makes them all the more attractive to look. Also, these fishes are oval in shape and found in coral reefs.

So, these are some of the beautiful fishes in the world which people admire. All these fishes increase the beauty of the sea world as well as creates a balance in the nature.

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