CodexToken $CDEX is a token (HRC-20) created on HTMLcoin’s Blockchain, called #Althash. The Althash Web Platform can be found here

Make sure to check out the #GitHub below

Codex has developed a #Telegram #Tipbot for gifting coders and developers for their hard work. the description posted in the Telegram group is as follows:

Codex is a token created on AltHash which strives to gift programmers and developers for their work on different jobs and projects specifically using Solidity. It is currently used as an access token to the VIP features on the CDEX bot.

Here is the HRC-20 Token Tipping Bot, go check it out for yourself. This room is described by the creators; This is the official room for the CDEX HRC20 bot; making HTML wallet creation simple as well as sending/receiving HRC20 tokens. Access our VIP features with the use of our utility token CDEX.

You can find out more about the new HtmlBunker and where you can find Codex (CDEX) along with the many other Dapps that have been developed on the HTMLcoin Blockchain, the Althash Web Platform. Information about the #Bunk Token can be found here.

Bunk Tokens help with paying your fees while on the exchange, a significiant discount, don’t miss out on this early founders prices.

$HTML #HTMLcoin is the blockchain that is now called the Althash Web Platform.

For #Professionals

The standard for #Bitcoin and #Etherium Blockchain Hybrid Apps

The Codex Team contains members from the HTMLcoin community, as well as a few founding members of HTMLBunker. The team is continuously looking for additional members that have extensive knowledge in programming and development in the crypto industry. Codex strives to make their community a warehouse for knowledgeable programmers and ‘AltHash enthusiasts’

You can follow them on Twitter here

My favorite whitepaper of all time.

I am invested in the $HTMLcoin. If you lost millions on Trade Satoshi, well I feel for you, I did also. I will not let that stop me from continuing to support the communities. Just a learning lesson. If they are not your keys, they are not your coins… I usually don’t leave anything much on exchanges, but I had bought back the ones I had lost on a broken computer. I’m hoping those wallet.dat files are safe and retrievable. Always write down your private keys and never share them. Yes, I have learned a lot since June 2017.

Oh and don’t send anyone __ amount of ETH to get __ETH back… it is a scam!

Always do your own research! I am not giving financial advice. I don’t do that, its illegal.

Tonya Zimmerman aka CryptoTonya

My $HTML wallet #Tip address HkhZVaMQhzKSFvGLnGiYKyTvMBAKbKsjPZ

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