What if it was as simple as pledging to be an agent of good?

Political theatre has reached its apex. For too many, this means anxiety, anger, paralysis–and despair.

I can’t help but want to do something about it. I can’t help but believe that everything I’ve been learning over the past 10 years or so has been helping me to understand where the answers are hiding… and that they’re in plain sight.

Since a very young age, I’ve been pegged as a mediator. I always want everyone to get along; I always believe there’s some way to work things out.

So, while I certainly have my own political views, I also believe that at our core we are all human beings who basically want the same things–and, when we get down to it, those things are rarely if ever in conflict with the needs of others.

So amidst all the craziness we’re seeing happening right now, I find myself coming back to this notion that, despite how dark and divisive things might look right now, the problems we’re dealing with are still so eminently solvable.

How? A quick example, using a seemingly impossible problem:

How to address the health care issue without insane politics

Catchy headline, eh? But impossible! Health care is big and complicated, and only (my party of choice) can solve it by (doing a thing that the other party is completely opposed t0).

Let’s step back for a moment and look at the issue.

Health care is expensive. Medical care in general, regardless of who’s paying for it, costs somebody a lot of money.

Being on constant medication costs lots of money.

All of this comes back to the issue of illness versus wellness. If we’re simply treating illnesses, things are always going to be problematic, regardless of whose insurance plan we have.

If we’re addressing wellness, however, well… we don’t need any politics for that.

Learn how to take better care of yourself.

I thought I’d never learn; I was a classic beer-drinking burger-eating guy who never cooked. It took meeting my love, who does know how to take care of herself, for me to muster the willpower to make a shift.

Once I learned a bit about nutrition and self care, the pounds started to fall off. I started to feel more energetic, more nimble… healthier.

As a result, I’m less likely to tax the system with heart disease or some other self-inflicted wound down the line. In terms of plain dollars and cents, I’m saving myself and my insurance company lots of money just by learning how to be responsible for my own well being.

Teach someone else.

There is SO MUCH hidden shame amongst us out there. How many people do you know who might want to learn how to take better care of themselves, but feel terrified to even talk to anyone else about it?

As you go on your own personal quest to take better care of yourself, bring some folks along with you. You’ll inspire them to step outside of their comfort zones and tackle their own challenges.

You, a few of your friends, taking better care of yourselves, feeling better, looking better. Those friends maybe inspire their friends.

It beats all of us just refreshing Twitter all day, nearly powerless to do anything about what we’re reading, right?

Repeat for other seemingly impossible issues as needed.

Apply the above logic to any of a number of other common issues: financial planning, communication with loved ones, lots of things.

I would posit that even such intractable political issues like national security, jobs, guns, abortion, and immigration can be traced to some core insecurity or lack of personal responsibility that can be addressed at an individual and community level.

We have the power.

It starts with us, and then our friends.

I’m interested in exploring how I can be an agent of positive change along these lines. I’m also interested in working alongside others who want to do the same.

Do you want to do the same?

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