Cultivating The Kill Switch

What needs to happen to flip the switch?

It’s not as simple as a mantra, a mindset, a motto… There must be a congruent connection between multiple factors:


The reason must be congruent with the danger.

Moral. Ethical.

The decision to act must be congruent with your moral and ethical makeup.


The elusive and intangible magic move … the secret technique. Every system develops an unconscious bias. Every one.

The litmus test would be what we see, not what we believe. And the litmus test is real-life. Study real violent encounters… do you see technique on either side? Do you see martial movement?

Violence doesn’t care what martial art or system we study.

Therefore the actual movement you choose must be congruent with the danger, the fear, the aggression and the position of a violent encounter in a confined space.

This is where many “systems” fail. A myopic fixation on technique prevents the defender from seeing, thinking and moving tactically.

For real-world violence we cannot confuse technical with tactical. And in a real fight we must be tactical.

Be careful what you practice you might get really good at the wrong thing.

It’s not who’s right, it’s who’s left.

The SPEAR SYSTEM is the study of human movement as it relates to violence, fear and aggression.

It is not a style, nor a martial art.

It is a personal defense counter-measure based on a genetic survival reflex that has been turned into combative science.

Train hard & stay safe,

Tony Blauer

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