Don’t hate me, hate the bad guy.

“Be careful what you practice, you may get really good at the wrong thing.” — BTS maxim

Watch this Gary Vaynerchuk video:

Listen to his message. Really think about it. It’s very true (with rare exceptions).

Now do this. Change the scenario to martial arts and the self-defense conversation I rant about endlessly. The categories talk! (Don’t confuse the categories!! Link at bottom).

I abhor violence. It sickens me. It why I’m so vocal about it. It’s why 36 years after I began teaching self-defense full time that I am still fully engaged in your safety.

I love martial arts, but I don’t confuse the art with the martial.

If you don’t see what’s going on in our streets, if you’re not connecting to the type of violence we face today, then you just don’t get it. And most of you don’t. You’re like the professor Gary Vaynerchuk refers to, romanticizing….you're teaching what you learned 10–20 years ago, you’re not current.

If you’re a martial artist, combat sport athlete or reality based self defense expert who hates me then you also hate science, physiology, physics and psychology. I can’t help you. (And of course I know some of you get it!)

FTR: I am a martial artist. I have studied and practiced wrestling, various martial arts, boxing, Bjj for many years, but I have also spent 30+ years studying violence and human responses to it and understand that real violent encounters are incredibly different than how we tend to see them through the dojo or sport filter.

Again, don’t hate me, hate the bad guy.

My hope, my goal is to inspire 3% of you to look at violence differently. To #choosesafety which includes what and how you practice.

Seriously, be safe,


Research Resources:

If you invested the time to read the blogs, my hope is you’re beginning to look at violence and personal defense differently… that’s the point. Pay it forward. You won’t help change things by ‘liking’ this article, but you will by sharing it. So please share it. It’ll make 3% of the readers safer sooner.

If you missed last Facebook live talk on fear management and the category talk, here it is + some: