What started out as an experiment has evolved into an entire system. Ironically it is also tied to our evolution. Human evolution.

The core of what makes it all work is actually 80,000 years old, and that’s pretty damn cool. That’s the serendipity of it all.

I started in TKD and then added boxing and began studying all the systems I could. My passion for martial arts was insatiable, but my desire to understand violence and real self-defense superseded it all.

The magazine covers show an evolution from technical to tactical from mechanical to instinctual.

My goal was always the same: to understand personal safety and to help make others safer.

It’s been over thirty-five years that I’ve been coaching and I still love every minute of it, still thinking about it every day, still working on new drills, new lessons, new applications. If you remain a student, there’s always something you can discover.

➡️ Here’s an excerpt from from my upcoming book:

“In 1987, I developed a drill that demonstrated how instinctual, subconscious movement was always faster than cognitive muscle-memory. From those sessions emerged a personal defense method that utilized the body’s natural flinches and reactions to fear or violence and then converted the reactions into efficient protective or tactical choices. This process, currently known as the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™ is unlike any other self-defense method. It does not rely on learned muscle-movement or memorized skill sets. It has been designed around human nature and behavior making it the simplest, most natural and instinctive way to protect yourself. Because the system is “genetically wired and behaviorally inspired”, anybody can learn it and everybody can do it.”

-Coach Tony Blauer

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