I recently became an American citizen.

Given the current election shenanigans, one would think I’ve lost my mind. 😁 actually I love what America stands for and I loved reading this from my dear friend Ron Donvito.

Brothers and sisters,
Most of you are younger than me and some are older. In my heart, you are all my brothers and sisters.
The presidential election is near. Most Americans are voting for the less of two poor excuses for leaders. We have known this for awhile. In our recent history, we have survived four years of Carter, eight years of Clinton, and eight years of Obama. During this time I was either active duty or training active duty.
Either way this goes we are in for a rough time.
To be clear on my position, With the information that I have studied, I believe that Hilary Clinton is as much a murderer as the people who set fire to the American diplomatic compound and dropped mortar rounds on the CIA annex in Libya killing our diplomats and our brethren. To be clear, however, she is not the only one complicit. EVERYONE that has knowledge on this incident and is not moving Heaven and earth to see justice done is just as guilty.
Unfortunately, Trump is not much better. His campaign proves that he is not willing to listen to those with more knowledge and experience on subjects that he is ignorant.
Whoever is elected, some things do not change. We all came from warrior stock! Our country was founded on the actions of warriors. We have defended our way of life in every clime and place where we could take a gun, as my song says!
No matter who is president, we will continue to be Americans! We will continue to fight for our way of life regardless of the cost. When Carter was president I prepared for war as a United States Marine. In the beginning of Clinton’s presidency I prepared for war as a leader of Marines. Since my retirement in 1998, as Clinton finished his terms and all through Obama stint, I have prepared American warriors for war.
Get out and vote, it is your right.
However, when the election is over we need to stop focusing on the things we cannot impact and focus on the things that we can. Regardless of the ignorance above us.

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