I’ve been walking most of my life, but I’ve started walking on-purpose [almost] every day for the last 5 months. I miss it when I miss my walks.

Some things I’ve noticed:

  1. Nature and views like this. Seriously you’re not going to see this inside your office or Home. Get outside.

2. Outside air is different. That is all.

3. Walking at a nice pace changes how you breathe and therefore how you think about breathing.

4. Posture. Deliberate walking helps you find balance.

5. Thinking. It’s amazing how walking is a moving meditation. There seems to be an endless stream of thoughts ranging from great ideas to everything you forgot to do, but if you walk long enough you also stop thinking. 😉

6. Parasympathetic reset. I’ve been an aggressive athlete all my life. Walking is still training but without the impact on your body and your brain.

RESET: The first time I was told “start walking everyday” was from my friend Garry Lineham after some deep work at THE HUMAN GARAGE @humangaragela

REBOOT: The next time I was told to walk was by my friend Brian MacKenzie who was sharing with me the impact and magic of some of his discoveries in studying conscious breathing — @iamunscared

GOOD COMPANY: Then the other day I read a compelling article by Ryan Holiday. @ryanholiday — cool article, linked here.

Go for a walk. It’s a step in the right direction. — TONY 👊