Every month for the last 20+ years I’ve gotten an email request from someone who writes to me and says, “I want to do what you do, travel the world and teach cops or military or (fill in the blank)”.

I always answer these emails with suggestions, insight, advice. I rarely get a “thank you for your time and for sharing the secret”.

I’ve been coaching over 35 years. I officially started teaching self-defense in 1979.

After one of my students got his ass kicked I changed how I looked at self-defense. That moment changed everything. It lead to the PANIC ATTACK drills and the release of an eye-opening video series with Panther Productions and that lead to the development of High Gear, the Ballistic Micro-fight approach to force in force training, the #spearsystem evolved out of that as did our approach to fear and confrontation Managment via “Cycle of Behavior”.

Over the last 30+ years we’ve reached thousands of students, trainers and coaches the world over and from every martial community from self-defense to traditionalists, from Combatives & DT to MMA and corporate.

What no one really sees is the process — they see the Instagram and Facebook post. What transpires Behind the scenes no one sees…no one sees the fear, the doubt, the refocus and the conviction. Few see the sleepless nights and what it takes to not just run a business, but to create a business.

In the case of my methodology, no one saw me creating of the drills, they only saw the drills. They didn’t see the experiments, the chipped teeth, busted hands, nose, ribs, they only saw the programs, the research, the lesson plans.

The students don’t see the missed flights, lost luggage and jet lagged nights…

The message here is you need to do the work.

There are no shortcuts. Zero. Nada.

“Qui Docet, dicet” those who teach learn.

#mildrantover So to my current team, past teams and the many students who were my guinea pigs in my self-defense laboratory, thank you.

And a special thanks to all of those students who became coaches and to all those coaches who became ambassadors of our programs: Personal Defense Readiness & the SPEAR System.

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