Successful Individuals Approach Success Differently

Athough my partners and I met one-another in a completely different industry than spray foam, we believed to our core that we were destined to accomplish something much greater than what we were currently doing. Thus, after much deliberation, spray foam was the obvious contender to maximize our time, talents & experiences. It’s an industry rife with opportunity and there are great gains to be made if one positions themselves correctly.

But what is the outlook required to win in the marketplace?

As we jumped in, head first, to the spray foam arena, the lack of unbiased content on how to create a successful SPF business quickly became apparent. Competitive distributors, manufacturers, and others of the like claim that they can take better care of you than their counterparts. — “We will make life easier for you.” “We promise better education for your business.” “I’ll make it more possible for you to be successful.” And on and on. — Both sides are saying the same thing to get contractors energized but at the end of the day only emphasize the topics and initiatives that benefit them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand business is business. Plus, there are plenty of resources out there which provide loads of value:,, & SPFA’s SprayFoam Professional Magazine just to name a few. Even a number of distributors have our best interests in mind. My partners and I were very fortunate to have Profoam Corporation in our corner.

The point I’m trying to make is this: don’t be dependent on one person, business, or entity for success. It may be what limits you, or what is limiting you, to achieve success.

I firmly believe that contractors in the spray foam business are required to live to their full potential. Why be only “good” at something when you know the market only rewards excellence?

So, I’d like to reiterate the challenge from my previous post:

Contact the men and women who are playing the game at a higher level than you and have achieved success in the areas you wish to be successful. Ask them questions. Then model what is already proven to work.

There are so many successful business owners from across the country that have given me priceless hours of their time without asking anything in return. One such person is a gentleman by the name of Steve Gilbert, and my next post will be about the conversation I had with him.