You Get What You Tolerate

In Business & In Life

Midnight. Three young men in their mid-20’s. They’ve been up since 4 a.m. Their day began at the shop, bright and early, to prepare their spray foam insulation rig for what they knew would be a full day’s work. But before pulling away, there were emails and calls needing responses, blueprint takeoffs to be completed, and invoices to be sent.

The guys still managed to arrive at the job site at 7:45, fifteen minutes earlier than which they committed. If you’re not early, you’re late. Like a fireteam, the three of them unloaded their equipment swiftly & tactically. The only thing seemingly different than yesterday were the fresh knots in their backs. Not enough to slow the ol’ boys down.

Their work day transpired precisely how they expected it to: completely unpredictable.

The client informed them that the work-order was being increased by an additional two thousand square feet and the completion date being moved to yesterday. No problem! These guys love a good challenge. The generator didn’t start. No sweat, they called in a back-up. There’s a chemical leak in the hose whip. Okay, what the hell? It wasn’t even 10 o’clock yet!

By the time they fired-up the equipment for the first time, most Americans in the same time-zone were already on lunch break and probably making plans for their evening.

Fast-forward, my two friends/co-owners and I are now nearing completion of the aforementioned job. Regardless of the fact that the sun set many hours ago, we are doing whatever it takes to keep each other going and deliver on the client’s order. Raving fan clients is the goal.