The Black Mirror-ing of Christianity
Matt Tolander

Always amusing watching atheists try to dictate to believers what Christianity is and isn’t. Why do atheists bother anyway?

Aren’t we all just bags of stardust floating around bumping into each other- one fizzing this way, one fizzing that way- no moral foundation, no reason for morality no right or wrong- our descendants were bacteria spores- why are atheists so consumed with what Christians believe?

It’s only possible to understand Christianity by having the presence of the Holy Spirit living within you guiding, giving wisdom and revelation. Clearly atheist can not experience this. Or the fake folks at churches meriting good deeds as righteousness.

Obviously salvation comes not from oneself but from God. It’s clear God chooses or predestined under the doctrine of election who He will save and who not. Those not predestined are not given the faith needed to know God. Nor do they have the Spirit indwelling them giving them “eyes to see” and “ears to hear.”

It is what it is. One can’t work his way into Gods favor, God chose us before the creation of the earth. ( or the Big Bang which created something out of nothing- I know — real scientific). God equips us to do good works, we aren’t good enough on our own to ever. A. chose Him or B. Do good works in his name.

As far as virtually reality that’s mans attempt to search for meaning in a soulless and lost state of being. Technology to replace the absence of God in their lives. To make ourselves feel intelligent, giving some sort of meaning and substance to stark desperate existence.

Mocking God while trying to create some meaning other than the fact we are all just cosmic dust which came from no where, has no meaning, and goes no where upon our inevitable death.

What difference should it make to non believers?

Fizz on…..

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