True…and it’s not just America.
Amber Lisa

Someone did win in the Georgia runoff. The republican.

The democrat lost — again by hitching his cart to social justice issues and San Francisco values.

If it didn’t matter why did the candidates spend more money than any house seat in history.

The Dems NEEDED something … a win, a little something after Nov. 8th just to show they are still viable. That hasn’t happened yet. And with Loretta “The 5th” Lynch taking the stand, there may be more set backs.

Dow breaking records, Trumps approval higher than Obama or Bill Clinton at the same point… more SCOTUS retiring, talk of mutiny on Pelosi, it’s not good for Dems.

That is why the Georgia runoff was huge. I live in the epicenter of District 6- I see the NY and Mass license plates with stickers down here at Ossoff satellite headquarters.

There was a winner. She won big.

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