I’m a reporter in Mexico. My life is in danger. But the United States wouldn’t give me asylum
Washington Post

The WaPo is so pathetic and arrogant to believe using a bombardment of shallow emotional appeals wrapped in current social justice construct to create a narrative in order to sway voters- to support their billionaire owners political beliefs.

Where are the stories of the Haitians suffering from money stolen by the Clinton’s?

Or the Friend of Bill who ran a pedo ring Using kids from a Haitian orphanage. Or the danger the young female reporter breaking this story was under before she was found dead? WaPo chose not to run.

Here’s a story: A major DC publication gets bought out by a Tech billionaire who supports deep state and globalism. 6 mos after purchase the tech giant is given/rewarded a $600 million government contract to build a surveillance cloud for the deep state. The CIA.

The publication uses its media influence to promote agenda of said “Deep State.”

Now we are all at risk.