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There was absolutely nothing in you're expose that in anyway led me to believe you ever were a Christian. Born into a Christian homes doesn’t mean your automatically a Christian.

Being in the Bible Belt doesn’t mean you’re a Christian.

You didn’t lose your religion you never had it to begin with. Going to church doesn’t anymore make you a Christian then Rolling a wheelbarrow full of nuts and bolts through a GM plant makes it a Cadillac.

Christianity isn’t something that you can turn on or off, it’s not something you pick up and put down. In fact it’s not even something you can choose or reject.

Romans 8 says we were predestined and chosen by God. God chooses as He wishes. Jesus said “remember I chose you…” The gate to salvation is “narrow and few are those who enter.”

Of course that shouldn’t matter to an atheist. As an atheist it shouldn’t matter whether you’re a good guy or not. You're just cosmic dust fizzing around until you die and go no where.

Your article reads like one who accepts the unbelieving worlds definition of what a Christian is. Allowing those who do not believe — to define what it means to believe. Isn’t that a little odd?

If you act one way in church and another way at school then you’re not a Christian. Or whether of not the issue of gays in the church effects you one way or another, or you didnt feel anything in church as a child or teen…. All that has nothing to do with salvation. Unless you’ve fallen for the worlds definition that Christian must always be perfect or they are not saved.

No one is perfect. At least Christianity offers Gods law and spiritual conviction to let a Christian know they are not perfect and thus need a savior. In the non believing world people adapt to a customized worldview that fits their lifestyle to where it’s actually them that never do anything condemning because whatever it is it’s been custom fitted into their worldview. Again this has nothing to do with what it means to be a Christian.

Besides, atheism has no moral foundation for goodness or right or wrong and “what best benefits society” as your only bench mark tends to be subjective. Which society? Adolf Hitlers or Mother Theresa’s? 1700's or 2017?

Good luck though- I’m not ready to write you off yet. If you’re predestined chosen by God…. You’ll be back around… with a whole lot of new wisdom and understanding.

Otherwise… Fizz on, man!

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