I have not reviewed the WaPo/KFF survey but I reject, as not credible, any opinion surveys produced…
Steve McGrath

This article alludes to the fact that liberalism is a fatal mental disorder. Democrat researchers and polling showed what their problem was but they can’t move away from identity politics, embracing open borders, elite fundraisers exclusively, and condescendingly lecturing middle American workers/taxpayers on all their faults, while simultaneously shoving social justice issues down their throat- even as Americans are struggling economically.

In a Martha’s Vineyard and Beverly Hills world of wealthy elite donors perhaps it easy to forget the “Rust Belt” and not even go campaign to hurting Americans, cause the Neo-Liberal platform is built on open boarders, support for non Americans protecting those who come to take welfare dollars and jobs away, rights for certain class of 1–3% of folks — by creating advantages for them over other Americans.

Liberalism’s fatal flaw is pride. They believe themselves better and know better than average Americans. Thus they can’t see error in their thinking. How bringing the peasant non Spanish and non English speaking class of Mexicans into America and offering them UCLA degrees for free when American students study for years and parents save, to get rejected for the new “elite” — immigrants.

They can’t see in Sweden that rape, murder, violence has risen 800% since the “do-goodism” of the liberals there brought in hordes of people with no desire to assimilate only congregate force their beliefs on the Swedes and get a check.

Liberals cant see that by allowing BLM to burn Baltimore down then reward them with offices in DC, visits to the Whitehouse and a million dollar bank acct, that it wouldn’t encourage violence for pay, extortion, and demands on campuses that universities can’t afford.

Liberalism is fatal. In the name of “doing good” coupled with the inability to acknowledge their faults (Pride), liberals will invite, encourage and pay “DEATH” to come into their home and kill them.

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