Well put, but if trump can’t beat them it will be decades to find another trump willing to do it.
Smokey Mountain Chaz

What the hell am I missing? Does anyone really know who Bernie is? He’s a cosmopolitan Commie. Anyone who loved Bernie then voted trump can’t possibly be reliable to offer serious answers.

Bernie hung throughout the primaries with young Soros the next tyrannical Globalist in line to take over for his father Satan.

Bernie was tipped that Hillary was getting the nod and he did nothing. Bernie lives like a Internet porn King with fast cars and multiple million dollar dwellings.

His form of American Socialism is like the old liberation Latin leaders who promised happiness & successful (free college, universal healthcare & open borders) to the peasants while the top 1% lived in wealth & power.

As soon as the “enemy at hand” is dealt with they start making enemies out of their own. It’s a system based on jealousy and hatred. Make no mistake about it, the same wealthy 1% control the rest who are kept in what always becomes….dismal poverty.

A kindly old man like you see at a cafe in Paris, crumpled jacket spewing socialist platitudes through a spit strewn gap in his teeth… appealing to youth as all despots do.

Bernie never contributed to the Senate. He reigned in a goofy state (which I love btw) with staunch conservatives and one side and Manson girl compounds on the other. ((Squeaky).

We all have written Trump off and have succumbed to the will of the media who are controlled by Globalist handlers. When WaPo staff openly and loudly cheers attacks on the POTUS, after crying and swooning over Obama’s $400K banker speech- it’s evident that media is the true enemy of a sovereign America, and our future is bleeding out through the broken fabric intricately woven by our founders, right into the hands of manipulators, usurpers and despots. Bernie is one of these. He’s a lower east side cafe con man Manhattanite who much like a fraud tv evangelist found a niche that pays well.

Trump in my opinion is yet to be determined. He is the first president in the history of the United States to be elected into office who was/is greeted by hatred and scorn by virtually all of congress senate Supreme Court and the worldwide media.

The despots goal is mire him in contrived controversy supported by both sides of the aisle with 24/7 vitriolic lies spews from every media source on earth. 24/7. For 3 years till a savior comes along hand picked by the global cabal- Soros, the 5 (media owners), the Tech Giants ( TYT, the youth will blindly obediently follow)— this Savior will be blanketed with love, nurtured, and safely held (propped up) by… well, the usual 1%.

It won’t be Bernie. He’s done. His job was to back down for Hillary.

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