with all respect, Tony, the fact that you had to google a name?
Heather Nann

And with all respect Heather what I do all day long is search through hundreds of websites looking for worthy stories to link to on my own website, to give those stories a wider audience. Acts of racism are well knwn here in Europe too and just as much disliked, so things like this article are interested to a very wide audience. This isnt a major criticiom, but I am finding very often that people are so close to a story that they honestly think the whole world feels the same way and will automatically be up to speed with every nuance.

When I write a report I always include hyperlinks to take people immediately to the articles and broadcasts that I am writing about, in this way I support my claims and credit the people who wrote the story in the first place. In this instance I lost so much time digging out the story, and then reading it, then checking that it actually happened, which is kinda important in these days of bogus news, I wasnt able to make the copy I wanted to make ready for todays posts…..so it will have to wait till tomorrow….maybe something else will take its place by then, but in any event, the story, and the poetry, will be a day older, and a day is a long time on the net. My site is The Dangerous Globe, and on any of the reports you find you should be able to check out the back stories very quickly.

It takes but a moment to link to a story

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