Opinion: I’m not a bigot. I just don’t care about minorities.
Manny Brown

So there seems to be a general concensus that this is satire, which is probably a good thing given the content.

I am a great believer in satire…..to a point….but sometimes in its obscurity or innacessiblity, the point of it gets lost somewhere along the road, like a great April 1 joke in the middle of January.

From my perspective as a Brit, living in Holland, In 2016 I have witnessed ……

1 The US continue, quite mercilessly, to finance and equip open warfare in a number of countries, with no declaration of war.(All covered up by the MSM)

2 The British suffer a bout of mass hysteria and shoot of both their Brexit feet for no good reason at all(All stirred up by the MSM and 3 political stuntmen of hallucinogenic drugs…one of whom is now Trumps little helper)

3 An American election for president in which 1 contender was a self proclaimed billionaire(Jury still out on that one), a misogynist and a xenophobe, as well as a well rounded bigot of the very first water. The other contender a child of the Goldman Sachs school of Corporate filth, with a record of lies and corruption as long as your arm(And when Wikileaks puts up a list of its Top 100 reasons that Clinton should be arrested all we hear is a Tut Tut from the MSM and the American people at large)

This is how we have been “normalised” in 2016, and when it comes to reading the written words of commentators on these various subjects I confess to being simply exhausted, mentally and physically.

My emotions are drained and my reserves are low. I need a charge of good satire, some bite, some black humour, something to sink my fangs into.

This article isnt it, sorry.

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