What Women Don’t Say

I do not know what a normal relationship looks like. I do know all relationships need constant effort; touching hands, kissing good morning, good night, hugging at the sink and everywhere else, saying “Have I told you today I love you?” and telling everyone I have the best wife/husband in the world. Not of course if the wife/husband is physically or emotionally abusive. Both men and women can be abusive and drive their partner to drink/eat/drugs/the arms of someone else. A lot of men, traditionally, do not vent their feelings, but I believe women clam up just as much. I just have not seen it in my relationships (which aren’t that many.) As for “love”, I wish I could recognize it when I see it. I feel like I must make my own by saying it, affirming it, actioning it, even when I’m sad, depressed, discouraged and not feeling it. Sometimes I feel like I may be saying it too much for her to believe it.

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