An interesting look into India’s dance tradition

For centuries, India has produced a unique style of dance form from the spectacular Kathakali to the elegant and fluid movements of the Bharat Natyam. The dance in Indian culture consists of the different styles of dances within the country. As with other aspects of Indian traditions, different types of dances arose in different parts of India and developed further according to local customs.

Folk dances are conducted on every possible occasion, to bring joy with celebration with the arrival of the new seasons, marriages and festivities. The dances are basic in terms of steps or movements but are performed with lots of energy.

While some dances are performed individually by men and women, there are occasions where certain dances are performed together by both men and women. Most occasions have dancers accompanied by artists on various instruments.

Every form of dance includes a dancer wearing a specific costume. Most of the costumes are elaborate and come outfitted with an extensive set of jewelry. To see these dancers up close is an experience soon not forgotten.

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