Digital Photography — Art or Photography?

Exactly what is digital photography? So many people have been asking this question ever since digital photography was first introduced. The truth is when people bring up the subject of digital photography, the most frequently asked question is whether it is considered a form of art or photography.

Let’s consider some of these discussions from various angles. Lots of people look at digital photography as an art form for the reason that it permits the person to express their feelings. They consider digital photography an extension of the art of illustration or painting. The truth is, digital photography is similar to painting even though it may take real life photos as they appear, and it furthermore permits the photographer to perform various adjustments through a variety of digital tools that are made available today.
Still, a number of people believe that even without the editing features, digital photography is considered an art form. This is simply due to the fact that it requires the photographer’s vision to discover the ideal subject and then bring the photo to life.

Many artists that support digital photography make it clear that the beauty of the photo should also be attributed to the individual behind the camera. Perhaps one of the strongest arguments with regards to digital photography is that the photo is hardly ever what is observed with the naked eye. By combining the digital camera with the various digital tools, an individual can modify the original photo with the purpose to express their feelings.
Then there are those that argue that digital is a true form of photography.

Many photographers both amateur and professional argue that photography, as opposed to painting, in reality, is taken from a true-life subject existing rather than from a painter’s thoughts or feelings. This can be extremely convincing considering that, a photographer doesn’t, in reality, create photographs. Instead, they simply take the photograph.

The other argument with regards to digital photography is that the editing which individuals perform and also alterations that photographers produce are all centered on a series of actions performed to make the photo look unique.

In the days of film photography, the roll of film was sent to a lab for processing during which each picture was corrected for exposure, color, and detail. This process is performed in a similar fashion using digital tools instead of darkroom tools.

So is there really a difference between digital art and digital photography? That question will most likely be debated for many more years to come.

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