Discover Apalachicola — Florida’s Charming Fishing Community

Apalachicola is a small fishing town with a population of approximately 2,200 people that is often overshadowed by Florida’s more popular tourist attractions. Situated along the Gulf of Mexico in the far corner of the Florida Panhandle, the maritime community has often been referred to as part of the Forgotten Coast.

Perhaps one of the reasons that Apalachicola is not mentioned as much as Florida’s other top tourist spots is due to the fact that it takes some time getting there. Although two of the region’s major airports are over two hours away and getting there by interstate can take several hours as well, a visit to Apalachicola is still worth the drive.

The community is filled with old period homes featuring large front porches and yards populated with Spanish moss and beautiful magnolia trees. The maritime community is rich in history and perhaps best known for its oysters with their distinctive taste combined with a salty and sweet flavor.

For centuries, oystermen pulled oysters from the bay and made them into delicacies which remain alive to this day. On any given day along Apalachicola Bay, oysters can be seen as they are brought in and cracked open and then prepared for the marketplace.

Apalachicola’s waterfront is still in use today with restaurants serving up the freshest seafood along the Gulf Coast of Florida. Visitors will find charming little antique and gift shops in the historic part of downtown Apalachicola along with unique boutiques.

Visitors can sense a part of the town’s history as they walk along the historic downtown district lined with majestic homes that sea captains once lived in. Apalachicola is home to some 900 historic homes, buildings, and attractions that can be found in the town’s Historic District. Take a deep breath, and you’ll be able to smell the salty air coming from Apalachicola Bay.

Apalachicola was once the third largest port on the Gulf of Mexico and echoes those memories today with the sound of the sea when steamboats and schooners sailed along the bay. Apalachicola’s diversified and colorful past is still visible today as visitors stroll along the wide tree-lined streets passing by beautiful Victorian homes from a bygone era.