Touring Northwest Florida’s wineries

When you think of Northwest Florida, the first thing that comes to mind are the crystal-white sand beaches, turquoise water and lush forests. It might come as a surprise to visitors that the region is also home to several excellent wineries. A number of area wineries produce native grown and natural Muscadine vines consisting of either grape, a blend of exotic or citrus fruit.

The vineyards, some not much larger than a backyard offer wine tasting and tours with the option to purchase some of the excellent wines.

Chautauqua Vineyards and Winery

The winery has won a number of national and international awards since first opening in 1989. Tours are offered showing the art of wine making. Type of wines produced range from dry, barrel fermented wines to traditional southern favorites like the sweet Muscadine and blueberry wine. Visitors can sample the fine selection of wines.

Yellow River Vineyards

With a moderate year-round climate, extended spring and summer seasons, and plenty of rain and sunshine, makes Yellow River Vineyards the perfect winery to grow outstanding wines.

SeaBreeze Winery

Located on Panama City Beach, SeaBreeze Winery is one of Florida’s youngest wineries. Four types of wines are produced on the vineyard’s 100 acres, thought to be the largest individual vineyard in the State of Florida. They include Noble, Carlos, Welder and Magnolia, while their award winning Muscadine wines are grown at their Kyotee Vineyards some 35 miles away. Tours are available showing the production process of the fine wine.

Emerald Coast Wine Cellars

Emerald Coast Wine Cellars offers a wide selection of wines produced from native Muscadine grapes, blueberries and blackberries. Other types of wines made available include premium Cabernet, Chardonnay, Merlot and White Zinfandel. The winery is located in Destin, Florida and offers complimentary wine tasting.

Monticello Vineyards and Winery

Monticello Vineyards and Winery is owned by Ladybird Organics. The Florida winery is situated on a small 50 acre farm and is USDA certified organic. The winery produces more than 18 varieties of Muscadine grapes that are grown in the vineyard along with white varietals of Carlos and Magnolia. Selections of wines are available in both dry and semi-sweet. Wines can be sampled and purchased from the vineyard. Visitors have the option to hand pick their own grapes from August through September.

Three Oaks Winery

Located in Vernon, Florida, the vineyard is a Certified Florida Farm Winery. Red wines with a fruity flavor along with the Conquistador bunch grape and the Muscadine grape are regularly produced by the winery. A selection of white wines are produced from the Carlos Muscadine grape and made into a sweet wine. The winery offers year-round wine tastings and tours from Wednesday through Saturday. The winery is closed during the month of January.

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