LinkedIn’s Project Voyager Mobile App Still Has A MAJOR Shortcoming

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(Updated November 28, 2015) Please refer to my post, LinkedIn Mobile App Hack: 5 Easy Steps To Personal Connection Requests: How to customize LinkedIn Invitations with LinkedIn’s Mobile App.

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The Wall Street Journal, Venture Beat, and ZDNet published stories about LinkedIn’s improved and revamped LinkedIn Mobile App.

Each article ignores an important, missing feature to improve the LinkedIn mobile user experience …

… the ability to customize and personalize LinkedIn Invitations.

What LinkedIn fails to say reveals a lot. I scratch my head why this customization feature STILL remains absent. If personalizing a LinkedIn Invite is now baked into The Project Voyage Mobile App, why didn’t LinkedIn highlight this feature?

The vaguest hints of personalizing connection requests in the revamped LinkedIn Mobile App are buried under explanations of LinkedIn’s new messaging interface.

Here’s the quote from TechCrunch’s detailed coverage of Project Voyager:

My Network, the fourth area of the new LinkedIn app, will give users a run-down of activities of people you know who are on LinkedIn. This will eventually also include a calendar feature, Weiner said, which will “anticipate your needs.”
It’s similar to LinkedIn’s Connect features that essentially push contact information to you on the go when people are in your vicinity, and here it will focus first on areas like pre-meeting updates after you’e synced your calendar to the app. “I can get information before a meeting, but I can also ask for information in real time,” he said.
This is also where connection requests will be hosted (formatting added for emphasis).

The Wall Street Journal cites how U.S. users engage LinkedIn 17% of the time through the mobile app versus using LinkedIn 63% of the time through their personal computers.

Count me in as a 63 percenter. Why? I’m adamant about personalizing LinkedIn Connection Invitations.

A lot of people feel the same way …

Looks like my mobile usage will stay at 17%. Or less.

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Photo Credit: koka_sexton via flickr

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