Songs of the Week (Feb. 4 – 10)

Each week I give you 5 songs I’m digging at the time. Follow along to my personal playlist!

Keeping this one short and sweet today. I’ve got coffee to drink, songs to produce, and sets to practice. Does that mean we don’t have 5 jams? I say nay nay.

1. Bobcaygeon – The Tragically Hip

Album: Phantom Power (1998)

In my oh so very humble opinion, the best Canadian band ever, at least in terms of what Canadian music means to us. This is the song that made me want to be a writer when I heard it some summer night when I was about 10 years old. Downie’s poetic vocals and drifting melodies in “Bobcaygeon” foretold what I would experience listening to the Hip’s discography. Pure gold!

2. Staple It Together – Jack Johnson

Album: In Between Dreams (2005)

I, like many people, am a big fan of this album, but don’t really know what happened to Jack Johnson since then. Either way, this song’s got some groove, a great hook, and has a way of making a light album even lighter with a full band as opposed to just Johnson and his acoustic guitar. Whatever works I suppose. As I said, this whole album is some hot stuff, but if you’re in a hurry, this song shouldn’t disappoint!

3. broken – lovelytheband

Album: finding it hard to smile (2018)

Far and away the newest track on this edition of Songs of the Week, but a total bop! I was a fan of this track since I first heard it; whether you want to call it rock or pop or alternative seems to be up to you, as I’m pretty sure this song’s in charts for all three! Although there’s one thing I just simply can’t get behind: using lowercase for all titles. You’re better than this guys, come on! However, in spite of my gripe with case choice, I’ve got to give this song the heralded “dig it” this week. As much as my English-loving self may hate it, this song’s better than any linguistic faux pas.

4. Go With The Flow – Queens of the Stone Age

Album: Songs For The Deaf (2002)

I’m a big QOTSA guy, they’re a bit out of my range of alt-rock, a little tiny bit angrier than anything I do, but I dig them nonetheless! This is an old track from their second best album (Like Clockwork is their best, fight me!) and it goes right up my alley as a pure rocker. It also gets brownie points for being so easy to play, making me look good in the process. Overall I enjoy the radio station concept of Songs For The Deaf, and Dave Grohl (more on him next) playing drums for this record is a treat. Revisit this album again, it gets better with time.

5. Big Me – Foo Fighters

Album: Foo Fighters (1995)

Going way back to the year I was born, after Cobain left us and Dave Grohl was out of Nirvana. That’s when he recorded what is now Foo Fighters’ self-titled debut album, which is a solid 10 in my books. I’m going to make one very important suggestion: when you go to listen to this song, watch the music video. Foo Fighters videos are hilarious and this one (as far as I know) started that trend. Good song and a good video, you can’t go wrong.

And there you have it! 5 tracks that surprisingly didn’t dip below the mid ‘90s. Maybe we’re due for a decades-inspired round, we’ll just have to wait and see! Of course as always the playlist for these tracks is right on this link here, and follow along to our Facebook and Instagram pages as well (simply look up Accidental Indies). Thanks for joining me again this week, and I’ll see you next Sunday!



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